Fast Times in Finite Space

A ray of light filtered through a hole in the blinds, then fought its way through the curtain that covered the window before finally hitting its mark.


The light shone in the Mage’s face, almost as if it was directed there on purpose. It did its duty as he stirred from his sleep in a somewhat unorthodox location. As he opened his eyes, he looked around the couch inside his home where he ended up laying and noticed something…missing.

"…ugh…I fell asleep again…and she…hm…"

The person in question was no where to be seen, but he knew she couldn’t have gone very far. After a few moments, he pushed himself onto his feet and let out a mighty yawn before his eyes began to look around, searching for that someone…

"…Where could she have gone?…"

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    He began to walk with her, keeping one of his arms wrapped loosely around her waist as they made their way back to their...
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    She giggled at that, smiling brightly up at him as she then began to walk back towards the house.
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